Sometimes celebrating self-love doesn’t start with losing yourself first, sometimes it’s about CHOOSING yourself first!

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She-EO & Owner


Hey sugafoot! I'm Quala, founder, owner and CEO of Soulful Intentions! Small town, country, brown skin girl with the love and passion of crafting. I started beading by repairing a set of waistbeads I received as a gift. I found comfort and solace in doing it, and it brought attention to close friends and loved ones. Of course, putting my mind to it, found myself shopping for inventory without even deciding on pursuing entrepreneurship… AGAIN… but something called me.

Almost 5 years later, while looking for myself, finding new pieces of me and learning how to love every bit of Quala, I added new ventures and aspects to my business, in hopes they’ll help you love YOU too.

- - - - - - - - -

Bracelets, anklets, nose cuffs, hair jewelry, waist beads, barefoot sandals, arm cuffs & more; these pieces aren’t just handmade to adorn your body, they’re intended to help adorn your SOUL!