Q & As

What precautions are being done during COVID crisis to keep items safe?

Per usual, all products are handled with care and safety measures. Containers are sterilized before use, tools are washed and cleaned properly, gloves are worn from inventory shopping until delivery, etc. All products are made, packaged and stored in a clean, sterile room.

Do you ship and how fast is shipping times?

Yes, we do ship. Our processing time is 7-14 days depending on when order is received. Once packaged, shipping off usually take between 1-2 days. After it is shipped, a tracking number is provided, but we are not responsible for the duration of the shipping process once it has been turned over to the carrier.

What are waist beads ?

A traditional African accessory that consist of small glass beads on a string or wire worn around the waist or hips. They come in different colors and shapes and may also include decorative stones, crystals, or charms.

What length waist beads should I order?

Starting June 2022, all waistbeads will be made at 50 inches long. That fits sizes up to 2XL pant size. If a bigger size is made, you must submit request in comment section at checkout, with the item name and exact length desired. Excess beads and string, you may cut and tie as an anklet or bracelet 🌻😉

Is the GoldRoots Hair Mix a moisturizer or hair growth oil? And how often do should it be used?

Both. This mixture of 28 different oils and herbs was formulated to help stimulate healthy hair growth as well as assist in damaged, dry and brittle hair. I apply it to me and my daughter's scalp one or 2 times daily. Being all natural and organic, it won't harm you to use excessively, but a small amount 5-10 times weekly should do the job! Baby and pregnant safe!

Who can wear waist beads?

Anyone with a waist!! As a curvy woman of color, I DO NOT CARE WHO WEARS WAIST BEADS, as long as you appreciate them and not appropriate them, waist beads are made and meant for EVERYONE TO FEEL BEAUTIFUL, SEXY, LOVED, ADORNED AND BLESSED. Any race, sex, gender, size and shape!